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International calling from USA and Canada to Afghanistan is now more cheap and easy

Amantel allows you to make cheap international calls from USA and Canada to Afghanistan, You don't need to go the shops to buy calling cards just visit ( Select your plans place order and start calling to any mobile or Landline Numbers. Amantel offer best international calling service for you if you want to make cheap international calls from USA and Canada to Afghanistan on any Mobile or Landline Phone. Just visit ( place order and make cheap international calls.

With Amantel you can make huge savings on making cheap calls to your friends and family in Afghanistan with our best service that can be used from any phone. This service allows you to make cheap international calls to Afghanistan from home, from work and from your mobile too. Amantel make cheap calls to Afghanistan from USA and Canada cost just 16.9 cent/min, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Make a cheap call to Afghanistan with a provider that is not only cheap, but who also provides a supper class voice quality and telecommunication service and with no expensive calling card required.

Amantel offers different calling plans to call Afghanistan. If you are used to the traditional calling cards, perhaps calling via one of our calling cards will be more convenient to you. We offers easy way to purchase and recharge your calling plans in this case you do not need to go any calling cards shop. Amantel is an independent long distance international calling service provider, this allows us to offer you a choice of calling plans for making cheap mobile calls to Afghanistan @ 16.9 cent/min.

Call Afghanistan @ 16.9 cent/min

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Making Frequent Cheap International Calling with Prepaid Cards

Telephonic communication is considered as one of the best communication mediums available. It has become very cheap and versatile medium to be connected to loved ones. It offers a direct and fast connection to the people all over the world.

There is no barrier today, for staying connected with the people abroad. However, sometimes a telephone call becomes very essential in case of urgent situations and for this you definitely need to place in a call to your friends or relatives who are living in overseas countries.

There are global calling services which allow you to call India from USA and vice versa at cheap and reasonable rates. This way, you can keep in touch easily and conveniently. Anybody living in USA, who wants to call India at cheap rates, will find these services very useful. Children studying in USA can connect to their parents and friends in India with affordable prepaid calling cards.

There are many people from Pakistan, who are staying in USA because of business purposes and they frequently call to Pakistan. Cheap international calling cards helping them reduce the phone bills and connect at once. Their availability and rates are handsome and people never frustrated making international calling. With the help of these international phone cards you will never be far away with your family and friends.

The size of the world has reduced due to the limitless globalization. This has virtually brought the nations together. Traveling and transportation is very easy and speedy. In order to enjoy the array of facilities bequeathed all you need is to visit the website and make the choice which suits you better. There, you can find various calling choices according to a specific country or plan. This choice depends on the cost of the card, the call rates and brand reliability.

In the wake of increasing demands for the cheap calling cards across the world there are many websites specifically launched that provide array of jaw dropping offers to the customers. But it is beneficial for a customer to compare and analyze the call rates offered by a company and their transaction details also. Sometimes, you can come across irrelevant and unsafe websites. You can get some reviews and feed backs from customers to a particular website. 

Prepaid calling cards to India, Sri lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and any other countries are also beneficial to those, visiting abroad for short term. There are many people among us, who visit abroad for plenty of reasons including company meeting, tours, meeting friends and relatives etc. Prepaid phone cards are available to you through many websites and you need not go any shop, just clicking a website and entering the required information, you can avail their calling services. 

About Author the cheap and best international calling service provider company offer international calling services with cheapest phone calling cards to India, cheap calling to Pakistan, international calling nepal, calling Bangladesh and cheap international calls to Sri Lanka.

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Accept Our deep heart prayers for you and your family successful life on this day of Eid.

On this holy day accept the the Gift of Voice (10% Free Minutes) and share your Joy, Blessing, Love and Happiness with your loved once.

***Wish you a Happy Eid***

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Lets Celebrate with Amantel's, this Eid amantel offers blessings offers......

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Eid Mubarak to all our customers,
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Happy Eid

Eid Mubarak - Call Bangladesh @ 2.5 cent/Min

May this ......
Eid bring God Endless Blessings.
Eid bring Fun, Eid bring Happiness.
Eid bring fresh love ....
EID MUBARAK to You with all best wishes.

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"Happy Friday everyone, have a fun and safe weekend"

"Happy Friday everyone, have a fun and safe weekend"


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May Happiness Be A Visitor To Your House. May It Knock Early On Your Door, May It Never Leave.
May You Receive Allah’s Peace, Love, Joy & Good Health. 

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Get 5% Extra Minutes to call Ghana! Use coupon code (GHN-5)

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Simply Add Coupon Code (BNG-100) with your new order and Get Up to 100 bonus weekend international minutes for Bangladesh!

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Amantel Special Father's Day Offer for Pakistan!

On this Father's Day, Give the Gift of Voice to your Father, Talk Unlimited with your father and share your feeling and love, Get up to 200 Free Minutes

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Now Talk More, Pay Less! Amantel new rates for Haiti - 15.9

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Double bonanza from amantel

Double bonanza from amantel
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Mother’s Day Special

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Cheap International Calling Cards - Best value of your money!

The mobile phone has narrowed the world communication lines and brought trade and commerce close to a mutual marketplace. In those areas of the globe like Africa, where the land line calling is expensive usage of mobile phone has become popular.

Some years back, in the  seventies and eighties or even nighties, making an international calls is very costly.  It is almost impossible to do cheap phone calls to distant places in Asia, Europe or places in the African continents like Nigeria, Ethiopia etc. But the boom in the telecoms industry has changed the face of entire telecommunication system. Now, calls are made not only via land line but also via mobiles, and the high-end technology has made the calling easy and cheaper. 

Today, calling via mobile to African countries is more economical when compared to the traditional exchange networks of land line technology, picking up inhibitory costs along the way. Since calling via basic phone is costly in these countries many people prefer to use Africa calling cards. 

Mobile technology has become big business in poor countries of Africa. Corporate who do business mostly have to remain in touch with their clients via phone. Thus they cannot afford to make costly calls from their landlines. They buy these cheap phone cards from a third party for their business need. Hence the market of African calling cards is flourishing and there are thousands of companies engaged in this business. 

These companies offers cheap mobile calling cards to specific African countries for a very low price. These cards are bought for individual countries at a different calling rates as per the requirement. Most of them even has websites where they offer cards cheaper than can be found with group plans. Since many of countries in Africa are poor with people have no access to a cell phone, these type of cheap mobile phone cards is widely used. The inherent of modern technology made the mobile  communications cheaper and more efficient, even in countries where technology has taken a back seat for some years.

The low call charges from mobile results in rise in number of cell phone users around the world and the cut-throat competition has increased this rate incredibly. Hence, the days are not far when places in Nigeria, Ethiopia will be within easy calling charges not only via mobile but also by land line. Thus in coming years this will improve the trade and coordination among countries thousand miles apart.

Mobile phone service is gaining popularity day by day in poor and backward countries of Africa. Within few years lakh of people have subscribed to wireless service that made the continent the second largest telecom market in the world, after Asia. Use these international calling cards and enjoy with those your close ones and  the worry of paying huge bills on land line will now disappear.

Amantel Calling Cards for International Calls from USA, Canada, UK and Australia

In this globalized world all of us want to stay connected with our family and friends living around the world but are worried about the cost of long distance calls. As an entrepreneur you need to remain connected with your international customers and suppliers for your business, But often worried of the huge expenses and looking for some alternative to reduce the call charges. Amantel international calling plans save you dialing time and make your international calls easier and cheaper. Our international calling services have low tariff plans that help you stay connected with your family, friends or customers living in any part of the world without spending a lot.
Without any doubt, telecommunications has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Unfortunately, high costs associated with long distance calls until a few years back had forced many of us to reduce the frequency of cheap international callingToday, many companies offer calling cards to call different countries with varied rates. These cheap calling cards have become extremely popular to make international calls.

The major advantage of  cheap international calling services is that one can pay as much they need and there is no risk of large bills and the knowledge of available calling time. The technological advancement has presented many alternatives for getting connected with people living near and far. The mediums like internet, emails and websites, amongst others have filled the communication gap and made the world smaller, but nothing has been able to replace phone calls to remain connected.

Amantel cheap calling cards are the best choice for staying in touch with your contacts around the world whether you are calling your family and friends or your business contacts, with good call quality and without the fear of huge bills. The best thing about Amantel cheap international calling is its easy accessibility at prices making it affordable for everybody. You can buy an Amantel calling card through their secure website using your Credit Card, Debit Card or through Paypal. You can add money to your calling card using the same payment method. You can also call the customer service number to set up a new account or add money to your account. You can login to your account with Amantel through the Amantel’s website and check your orders, call logs, set up speed dial in minutes.

The number of companies offering an array of prepaid calling cards is growing every day and one has to be careful while making the selection of the service provider. Please do check the terms and conditions before making your purchase online, including the rate per minute, customer services, is there a contract, availability of a toll free and local access number, service fees, connection fees, maintenance fees, weekly fee, monthly fee, validity. Using Internet search engines is possibly the best methods to find a service provider. Using the services is the only way to understand the reliability and connection quality of any service provider. The wide reach of World Wide Web has enabled telecom companies to promote and sell their services/cards online and reach their targeted customers in a short time and eliminating the need to go to a store to buy one. With a few thousand firms offering international calling cards at competitive rates, the healthy competition certainly helps the user in getting calling cards at low cost and allows them to make calls for a lot more time for the same money.
Bang for the Buck !!, every Buck you spend every time.

Things To Check Before Selecting International calling services

Today, international calling has become a useful medium to make cheap long distance calls and remain connected with family, friends or customers. But, the problem arises when people purchase international calling service without doing any research. Some major features are discussed in the article that one should look before choosing.

These days’ cheap international calling is the best and most inexpensive mode to communicate with known ones, family or friends living in other part of the world. This help entrepreneurs who have to travel a lot from one country to another for their business. But in most cases people get confused while selecting a cheap calling service. There are number of companies in the market offering so many types of international calling that it becomes difficult to select a right one.
Here are the features to check out, one should look before choosing any international calling service:

Features And Repair:
The biggest advantage of using cheap international calling service like are one can remain connected with people living anywhere in the world. Thus, a 24/7 technical support is mandatory in case of any technical issue. Thus, one should always go for such service provider for whom customer support is the top priority and offers great technical service at any time.

Automatic Recharge And Alert Notification:
A good service provider must offer the alert notifications facility in case of low balance, technical problems, special tariff plans etc and with option of automatic recharge. With the vast reach of internet the customer should have facility to recharge their account online through their debit or credit cards. Thus, this not only helps in saving the valuable time of people but also assist them in remain connected with their customers.

PIN-less or PIN-free:
The service should have pin-less feature which enables customers to connect a number of the telephone numbers together with a prepaid card at a time. This facility ensures that one can dial the access number without going into the flag. Thus, like cell phones one also have facility of speed calling in these cards helping you save the irritation of remembaring the long numbers.

Cost and Costs:
The international calling include many hidden costs which are less well-known and most people do not bother about it. The maintenance cost, connection coat along with extra surcharges can increase the bill amount of your calling. These extra charge is levied during calling and substracted automatically from the balance of the cards. Thus, one should be caucious while selecting any of the long distance calling and should know of all of the taxes and costs associated with the card.

Hence, whenever you choose any of the international calling service provider do deep research comprehending the features provided by it and also the hidden cost, taxes attached with it. The above discussed feature can help you in making better decision when going for any cheap international calling .

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Save with the cheapest international calling to Nigeria.

Save with the cheapest international calling to Nigeria.
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Amantel has launched special money saving offer for Bangladesh on international calling.
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Call Ghana Accra 12.5¢/min

Our new Calling Rates to Ghana Accra 12.5¢/min.
Forgot high calling rates, Reduce international calling bill, Stay in touch and keep talking.


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Celebrate this Baisakhi with Amantel Get 5% free minutes

May you come up as bright as sun, as cool as water and as sweet as honey.
Hope this Baisakhi fulfill all your desires and wishes. Happy Baisakhi!!

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Amantel has Started Retail Section of International Calling Cards on Their Website

26 Feb 2013 - Iselin NJ has started retail section of international calling cards for their customers on the website.

With the constant increasing distances between you and your well wishers, the necessity for a mode of communication has increased. Most of us call relatives and friends to stay connected. The call rates are now a bit out of reach for many people. Some of us are not in a position to afford frequent international calls. With the presence of international calling cards, the calls have now become very cheap.

Nowadays, more users are attracted towards these international calling cards due to there low call rates that are offered to the user. With these prepaid phone calling cards one get the facility of his/her saving hard earned money and to stay connected with the people who are living at distinct places from their. Prepaid phone cards allow a user to call over long distances across the globe from the home or office.

Amantel Retail helps you earn by selling their prepaid phone cards in bulk. You need not to create your own website, just create an account in Amantel and start selling phone cards in bulk. Their website can be accessed 24/7 and you can check sales and deposit report at any point of time. Within 5 minutes, with a single click you can earn upto 20% commission on every sale.

Now you can recharge your prepaid phone in about 80 countries with them. So become their retailer and generate revenue through every sale you make. You can create sub retailer and can fix their commission as per your desire. For more information on offers and calling cards enquiry you can visit

About Company
Established in 2002 is leader in providing cheap rates and excellent call quality all over the world. Serving millions of customers every year the company is rapidly growing in telecommunication market. The company provides cheap international calling for prepaid connections all over the world. Log in today at to take advantages for low international call rates.

Contact Info:–
21 Holly Road
Iselin NJ 08830
United States.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lower Down Your Calling Expenses with Online Calling Cards

Firstly, we have only landlines for calling someone which then replaced by mobile phones and brought ultimate revolution in communication services. But calling a person abroad is never is an easy when it comes to rates. When we make an international call, we always think of high payable bills during the whole talk. It is very difficult for the telephone users to afford the very high international calling rates. But with the increasing needs and with the changing lifestyle, the international contacts have become very common these days.

Nowadays, calling cards have reduced the distance between people by always keeping them connected with their near and dear ones. These cheap international calling cards have now made it possible to remain connected to anyone worldwide. The users have got the great options in terms of these calling cards using which they can save a great amount of their hard earned money.

Calling is a must for communication and communication is an integral part of our life. One can not avoid calling by any means. Whether our loved ones are stayed locally or abroad we always enjoy calling them as much as we want. But sometimes the situation goes out of control when we have to make frequent calls internationally. In such cases long distance calling card are best options available online. We need to get updates about current offers and schemes from our service provider.

There is a huge competition in the international calling card market. Companies are making no mistakes to attract the customers with different offers and schemes like bonus minutes, free text, free gifts etc. So, talking to those people who are very near to your heart but very far around the globe can be very affordable with the use of cheap international calling cards.
There are many ways to talk to your loved ones while you are in some other part of the world. Some companies offer you instant recharges, whereas sometimes we have the facility to call from our landline phone too. But if you mostly engage to call internationally then it’s good for you to buy cheap calling cards. They give you the freedom to recharge them from anywhere instantly.

Long distance calling cards are the way through which you can call anywhere in the world with very cheap international call rates. They are most profitable for you, when you are traveling abroad for vacations, or for any business related trips. These cards provide you with so many offers like bonus minutes, free text, free gifts and many more.

There are many benefits of using the call cards. If you are planning to spend you vacations overseas or if there is a possibility to go abroad for office tour then never miss the opportunity of phone cards available online these days. In order to be able to make frequent calls you need to get a phone card. If this is the case, the surely Internet is the best platform where you can buy the best online calling cards.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Become our retailer and generate revenue through every sale.

Become our retailer and generate revenue through every sale.

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cheap International Calling Cards- A boon for People Away from Home

With the introduction of calling cards, one can stay in touch with their loved ones without affecting their budget or expenses much. International calling has been possible only because of the calling cards. 

These cards are used like our recharge coupon, wherein the user can consume the number of minutes or the amount in it and then a new card needs to be purchased. Calling cards are generally prepaid in nature, easily available and as discussed affordable. So if someone is on a business trip, vacation or is away from his loved ones to complete his education, these cheap international calling cards are a boon to them.

Advantages of using calling cards:
Following are the benefits one can extract by using the calling cards: 

Affordable: These cards are not only affordable but there are various plans available as well. User can choose as per his requirement. This is a result of increased competition among the service providers. Since the use of this card has increased drastically there are various service providers who are providing various plans and offers to facilitate cheap international calling.  At a minimal cost one can be in touch with their loved ones.

Easily Available: With the drastic increase in immigration to foreign lands, cheap international calling cards are widely used and available. If you are in a foreign land, you can easily get a calling card to get in touch with your loved ones. Since the demand of these cards is quite high many service providers are selling these cards online, eradicating the inconvenience of physically visiting the floor.

Easy to Use: These cards are quite easy to use as there are instructions mentioned on the card itself. Generally prepaid calling cards have a silver foil, user needs to scratch the foil, call the number mentioned on the card, it will ask for an ID user then needs to punch in the ID on the card and then as per the instruction needs to dial the number where the call has to be made. 

Budgeting: These cards are not only a boon for your emotional part but for your financial part as well. Since most of the cards are prepaid in nature one can budget his expenditure as per the requirement. Also since there are various plans and offers available one chooses the plan which suits his requirement the best.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Calling Pakistan Is Expensive

Calling Pakistan Is Expensive

EDISON, N.J., Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Cheap calls to Pakistan from USA and Canada are a thing of the past. Over the course of a single day, Pakistan call rates rose an incredible 10-12 cents per minute. A single call to Pakistan may break the wallet, and  it will certainly pad the pockets of the telecom industry. Overseas Pakistanis as a whole will be handing over an additional $120-150 million in fees per month.


Before you make next call to Pakistan, take a good look at your provider's rates. Pakistan call rates have inflated by over 100% in one day for all international carriers - an increase staggering enough to make even the most homesick Pakistani think twice about phoning loved ones.

October 1st saw the arrival of the International Clearing House (ICH), an administrative bureau initiated by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Purportedly created to police grey traffic, the ICH and its new policies are enabling private sector players to form telecom cartels, resulting in exploitative monopolies that fly in the face of established deregulation policies.

The ICH didn't take off without some resistance. At the behest of several long-distance international (LDI) operators, The Competitive Commission of Pakistan (CCP) held proceedings in opposition to the directive. The CCP warned that the directive could create a monopoly of any one operator, and would actually increase grey traffic in Pakistan due to exorbitant rate increases. Needless to say, their warnings went unheeded.

Fortunately, Online  long distance companies  like make calls cheaper or half price to Pakistan   fast and easy. Using  even after the rate increase, a call to Pakistan costs only a mere 4.9¢/minute - that's over 300% cheaper than the rates of traditional US/Canada  providers. Current promotion of Buy 1 Get 1 min is too good to be true

The bottom line: Log on at and Avail this offer ASAP and start calling loved ones today at discounted rates.

Established in 2002  is leader in providing for cheap rates and excellent call quality all over world. Serving  millions of customers every year company is rapidly growing in new markets. It is managed by a team of highly qualified executives experienced in processing payments, networking, information services, and telecommunications.Log in at to take advantages for low current rates.

Media Contact: Ravinder Singh, 732-983-4332,

News distributed by PR Newswire iReach:

PR Newswire (

Monday, 30 July 2012

Amantel - International Calling Cards – Getting The Moat At Less Price

With the introduction of mobiles and telephones in the life of people, their living has changed a lot and becomes a prime medium of communication among people. Today, cell phones have connected everyone allowing human beings to remain in touch with their family, friends, clients or business partners. With the growing time the human life getting more and more complicated and thus communication has become important to improve the limitations of time, place and distance. Thus, international calling cards have become highly important for making abroad calls at a most affordable price.

In the present era of globalization where the world has become a village, mobiles has turn out to be a vital mode of communication for people who regularly travel in search of work, business or pleasure. Thus, cheap international phone cards are highly worthy for making long distance calls without putting heavy burden on pockets. These cards are a benefit to those people who do regular calling to their relatives, friends and family living abroad or need to travel regularly for business.

Today, international phone cards has emerged a most popular and effective medium to make call to different countries. With the rise in demand, there are many suppliers in the market offering wide range of phone calling cards with many distinctive and attractive features. These cheap mobile calling cards are designed to make smooth non-stop calls to anywhere in the world at a reasonable price.

Today, there are many subscribers that are engaged in online selling of the international calling cards. They own online shopping sites that have all types of calling cards of different countries and cities. Thus, one can easily choose phone cards Ethiopia, Phone cards Kenya, Phone cards Syria, Yemen phone cards etc. is one such web portal that offers cheap international phone cards allowing you to get close to your dear once around the world.

Friday, 27 July 2012

International Phone Calling Cards: Alternative to Low Cost Call

Making frequent phone calls to different countries using traditional phone service providers can be extremely expensive. Using international prepaid phone calls is the best solution to long distance calling at a most affordable price. 

In this 21st century the globalization of business has become the foremost priority of any organization. Today, there are so many mediums like internet, television, mobile phones etc that insists entrepreneurs to take their business beyond the boundaries of a country. Nowadays many companies using advance technologies trying hard in-order to establish a strong presence in the international market. But executing strategies for an enterprise to become truly global is complex and costly communication system is the first among them. But it can be overcome by spending smartly.

For a businessman who is thinking of going global, it is essential to communicate with its subsidies in different countries and at the same time keep the cost of communication as low as possible. While business giants spend a lot of money just to ensure that they don't have to deal with any kind of communication issues, the growing companies can fulfill their this basic needs by researching and finding much better and cheaper alternatives. The international phone calling cards are emerging as one of the great solution to tackle the expensive call billings.

In the present date mobile phones have become a fastest and instant medium to make contact with friends, family clients or customers. Calling cards usually offers the low cost call rates to the users and have become the best option to make economical international calls. These cheap mobile cards are prepaid in nature and one can easily do long-distance calling without any worry. The small cost rates offered by these calling cards enable entrepreneurs to easily make a non-stop smooth communication with business partners living across borders. 

The international phone cards are very much like pay as much you call and you are very much aware about the amount which have already used and the also the left over credit. The time the call gets disconnected, the amount from your card is being immediately deducted, thus no tension of high monthly billings. These cards easily save people from large call rates and giving everyone the flexibility and freedom to make international calling to their loved ones. Moreover, such cards reduces the expenditure spend on the communication and allows people to focus on their global business.

In the present world of web there are thousands of subscribers selling these international calling cards online at a most affordable price. One can easily acquire them by using their debit or credit cards. Some card providers even offer free minutes on purchase of these cards. Amantel is one such website where people can easily login and find the most suitable calling cards as per their need. On site there is wide range of international phone cards of countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria etc. Here one can easily find the most beneficial and appropriate plan at an attractive and nominal cost. Hence, get yourself these cheap international calling cards and enjoy every bit of your communication.